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Ours is a simple platform for Street Food Vendors and Small Businesses.! If you are a corporate and looking forward to reach out to small businesses, then Partner with us Now!

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With DTrac, we don't have to worry about the delivery radius or number of orders. This has helped us in trying out in new markets and add more customers to our database. The riders also help us with distributing fliers.


Initially we thought that the pricing offered by DTrac is high. But after a few days we realised that the actual cost works out to be lower as their riders are much more efficient and do not waste time.


We are able to ask for as many resources as required without any minimum commitment. This gives me enough flexibility to keep my costs in control. I ask for resources on the basis of actual requirement.


All I have to do now is to focus on operations and marketing. Thanks to DTrac. I don't have to go thru my daily struggle of finding the riders. Also, there is no head-ache of monitoring the performance of staff now. I get to see the report for each rider on real time basis.


We started out a new model for late night deliveries till 4 am. After 11pm, the only resources that I see working are from DTrac. Keep it up!


DTrac riders are efficient, well behaved and decently groomed. I have not received any complaints regarding my delivery since we started 6 months ago.


I am pretty excited about Cinema Advertising. This looks even cheaper than distributing brochures.

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